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Welcome to the homepage of Sha’are Ratzon, the only Spanish & Portuguese congregation in Jerusalem. The congregation was founded in the year 5740 (1980) by the sons and daughters of congregations of London, Manchester, Amsterdam, New York, Philadelphia, Surinam and others.

In addition to holding services in the S&P tradition, we aspire to preserve and disseminate the unique traditions of the Spanish & Portuguese Jews.

The Congregation

Sha’are Ratzon does not receive any government, municipal or other official funding. All congregation activities depend on donations and annual membership fees. In order to continue our work, we need your help.

Donation Jar


Bank transfers can be made directly into the bank account under the name:

ק"ק שערי רצון  (Sha'are Ratzon)

Israel Post Office Bank (Bank HaDoar)

Bank code: 09
Branch code: 00100

Acct. number: 8100511

Download Bank Details

or send a check made out to

K”K Sha’are Ratzon to:

P. O. Box 10467

Jerusalem, 9110401

Please forward us the purpose of your donation to:

All Hands In


We would appreciate your becoming a member and paying your annual finta (membership fee).

Please fill in your details on the membership form and send it along with confirmation details of your bank transfer to:

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Sponsor a Kiddush

Special events are celebrated with family and community. We would be happy to assist you in planning your celebration with us in a meaningful way.

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Activities and Hospitality

In addition to our services in the synagogue, we strive to create a community. Throughout the year we engage in joint cultural activities and host lectures on topics related to the S&P traditions and history. Services are followed by Kiddush Rabah. Also, following the example of Abraham Avinu, we gladly welcome guests to Shabbat meals, as it is an opportunity to meet other members of the community. If you are interested in hosting, or being hosted, please contact us and we will do our best to accommodate.

Musical Notes


The uplifting melodies of the S&P tradition are among our significant characteristics. In listening to these melodies, you can experience of the elaborate musical tradition that we use in our prayers. The melodies differ slightly between congregations. Here you can sample of the melodies used in London, New York, and Amsterdam. You can also listen to several melodies on the website of the National Library of Israel.


Throughout the year services will be held at:

"Yeshuat Israel" Synagogue

HaTzefirah 23
German Colony, Jerusalem


On Rosh Hashannah and Yom HaKippurim services will be held at:

Istanbuli Synagogue

Bet El 18

Old City, Jerusalem


To contact us please click here.

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Tefilah Schedule

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