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Welcome to the homepage of the only Spanish & Portuguese congregation in Jerusalem, Sha'are Ratzon founded in the year 5740 (1980)

Membership and Donations

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Bank transfers can be made directly into the bank account under the name:

ק"ק שערי רצון  (Sha'are Ratzon)

Israel Post Office Bank (Bank HaDoar)

Bank code: 09
Branch code: 00100

Acct. number: 8100511

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All Hands In


Become a member of the congregation by filling in the finta form and sending it along with the bank transfer details to our email. All details in the attached form.

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Sponsor a Kiddush

If you are commemorating a special date or just want to volunteer to be a sponsor please send us a message through our Contact Us page.

Musical Notes


Listen to a comprehensive rendering of the Spanish & Portuguese liturgy.

These are the congregational melodies that are part of our repertoire.


"Yeshuat Israel" Synagogue

HaTzefirah 23
German Colony, Jerusalem

Istanbuli Synagogue

Bet El 18

Old City, Jerusalem


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Tefilah Schedule

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Download the schedule here

For details on the S&P Synagogue in Ramat Gan, Israel please click here.

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